Mar 25 2020

Credit one bank activate card phone number #Credit #one #bank #activate #card #phone #number

Credit one bank activate card phone number

Credit One Bank / charges before you activate the card!

I received an invitation for the credit one card. Took them over 10 days from the date they said the card had been mailed. I activated the account by phone. Then I went online to set up the account. I noticed that they had already had sent a bill for charges before the account was even activated. Called the 800 number that they have and they tell me the account is not activated until they say so. Told them that was fine cancel the effective immediately and that I was notifying a lawyer about this. Please do not do business with this company. I am also going to notify the attorney general for the State of Nevada and the BBB about this company.

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Credit One Bank is incredible when it comes to scamming you. A few days ago I received a pre-approved letter with a card that looks like a real one. I completely ignored it until today when I received a bank statement from them stating my activation fees and other. Should I believe them? I did not activate a thing and they’re already charging me. This’ got to be a scam or a case of identity theft.

all you have it all wrong, credit one bank is not a scam, when you get the card or what ever, the paper that says “terms and conditions” yea your suppose to read that, obviously many of you just discard it, like if you read the terms and conditions in the first place you wouldent have a problem, As for the charges before actv the card AGAIN if you read the terms and conditions you would understand that if you dont actv your card YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY A FLIPPIN CENT! the fees are a one time only enrollment fee of eather $69 or $39 and also an anual fee of $69 that is broken down to $5,75 per month, ALSO you dont have to pay the full amnt at once, you only have to pay $20 minimun per month, and it prob sounds like i work for them but i dont.. just to clear that up! im just sick of all these complaints of credit one bank ITS NOT THERE FAULT ITS YOURS FOR NOT READING THE DAMN PAPERS. Goodbye!


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