Mar 25 2020

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Credit one bank online bill payment

Credit Card Bill Payment in India

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Credit cards have become an integral part of the modern lifestyle. You can use credit cards to pay for goods and services purchased from online and offline merchants. The bill is generated for all the payments made in the last billing cycle and you are required to pay that amount on the due date. Non-payment of credit card bills on time can lead to heavy interest charges and late fee. This is why it is recommended to clear all your credit card dues on or before the due date. To facilitate easy credit card bill payment, banks receive payments in multiple ways. Let us learn about these payment options in detail.

How to Pay Credit Card Bills Online

The internet has simplified banking. It has made it very easy to make purchases online and also make the requisite payments online. This has helped significantly in making credit card bill payments through web-based options. These payment options include:

  • Online Banking/Internet Banking/Net Banking

Credit card bill payment can be made through online banking in a quick and easy way. This method, also known as internet banking or net banking, allows payment through online account transfer. You must log in to the card issuer’s net banking portal using your customer ID and Password. Go to the bill payment option and select internet banking as the payment method. You will be redirected to the internet banking facility of the bank through which you wish to make the payment. You can choose to pay the minimum due amount, the total amount due or an amount of between the two. The payment is processed in 3-5 business days.

NEFT or National Electronic Fund Transfer allows one-to-one transfer of funds across the country. NEFT facility can be used to make credit card bill payment as this scheme makes it possible to transfer funds electronically from any bank branch to an account with any other bank branch in India. In order to make payment using this method, you must log in to the online banking portal of the bank through which you wish to make the payment. Select NEFT as a mode of payment and add the beneficiary. You should use the credit card number as the payee account number and the IFSC will be given on your credit card issuer’s website. You can also call the customer care department of the bank to find out the IFSC. Enter all details correctly and make the payment. NEFT payment made during working hours is credited on the same day. However, payment made after working hours is credited on the next business day.

  • Mobile Banking

Banks have optimised their websites for mobile phones. This way, you can access the bank account from any mobile device (on the mobile site) with an internet connection to make payments. The interface of a mobile banking website is user-friendly and you can make the credit card bill payment conveniently. Just like the internet banking option, you can make the payment by logging into it and authorizing the payment.

  • Mobile Application

Banks have also rolled out mobile applications to make banking easier for users. The same can be used to make credit card bill payments. All you have to do is download the mobile app, log in to it using the unique customer ID and password and choose credit card payment option to pay the requisite amount. Payment can be made from any location at any time of the day. Mobile apps of established banks are available on all major mobile operating systems – Android, iOS, and Windows.

  • Standing Instructions/Auto Debit

You can set standing instructions on your savings/current account to automatically debit the credit card payment amount. Like all the other options, you can choose to pay the credit card bill in full or pay only the minimum due amount every month on a specified date or on the payment due date. This way of payment ensures that you never default on credit card bill payment or incur any late fee as long as the bank account has sufficient funds. It also relieves you from the responsibility to keeping track of every credit card bill. Payment is automatically made to the credit card account.

  • Visa Money Transfer

Also known as Visa Credit Card Payment, this innovative service allows transfer of funds from the customer’s bank account to any Visa credit card issued in India. This facility makes it possible to wire money within 3 business days to pay the credit card bill (only for those credit cards powered by Visa). A nominal fee is levied by the initiating bank for using Visa Money Transfer facility. The transaction limit for each Visa Credit Card Payment transaction is ₹ 49,999.

ECS or Electronic Clearance Service is another way to pay the credit card bill. It is similar to the auto debit method of payment. It allows you to give standing instructions/authorise to debit a non-credit card issuer bank account every month to pay the credit card bill. Electronic Clearance Service gives the option to pay the minimum due amount, total due amount or a fixed amount.

You can also use the debit card to clear the credit card dues. However, only a few credit card issuers offer this facility. You must check with your bank ikn advance if you are planning to make credit card bill payment through your debit card.

  • Phone Banking

To use this option to make a credit card bill payment, you need to call the phone banking helpline of the bank in which one holds an account and request for a fund transfer to pay the credit card bill. The IVR and phone banking officer will ask for personal details for authentication. Assistance at the phone banking hotline is usually is available 24×7, every day of the year.

Banks have also tied up with online payment companies in order to provide convenient ways to pay the credit card bill. BillDesk is one such popular portal used by many established banks. It offers a secure and convenient way to make payment from any bank account to the credit card account. Once you select your bank and enter the card details and the amount to be paid, you are automatically redirected to the bank’s payment interface. Here, the transaction is authenticated before final payment with an OTP sent to your registered mobile number or email ID.


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