Mar 26 2020

Credit one bank dallas tx #Credit #one #bank #dallas #tx

Credit one bank dallas tx

Capital One Bank

2903 Forest Lane, Dallas, TX

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Did not answer for goof Friday if open

Did not answer for goof Friday if open

Did not answer for goof Friday if open

No Branch Office in TN. Looking for a Jumbo CD near Area 37774

when might there be a branch in indianapolis , indiana

Please build one near me I think you have came up with great idea I hope to see o lactation open near we will be watching. I suck at money managment. I want to learn hurry up her to my town .commerce bank had that come on in hang we dont care now it’s like all banks you feel like it’s a library or court room or am I aloud in here. Banks should be looked forward to going to not dreading it

Need phone no. For Az. 85737

I have been using mobile deposit and one I inside one. I was on the way from. The doctor with vertigo with someone who drove me We stopped at the bank he had 2 separate deposit slips from my checking acct and one was cash They ask fro iD for all cash. Deposit Told him it was a new policy. Mobile deposit are great when I can’t
Drive. Think you shou send a letter or something to customers about new policy

Made deposit today. Being the only one at the bank drive thru had to wait 15 min. for the teller.

Why is it so difficult to open (Joint) 360 account

This bank has no rights to closed my friend’s account without permission as u think stole money from me as did not. I mailed that check. My friend’s name is Ikedichi Humphrey who has banking at this bank. I wrote a check($25,000) to my friend for purchase a car for me. The check was cleared at my bank with no problem which mean I did have enough to cover it. My friend’s account need to be open as I claim it as it is okay for my friend to receive it and so I can receive the car from my friend. Need to be release within 48 hours please as I don’t want my friend worried that unable access account. As I heard you guys refuse to do that and I did have my bank call you to have my money back as you guys refuse to do it too. Tired of mind games going on. If you guys can’t do that and will be lawsuit against you. This is a warning. Please email me at as I will give you my account information so you guys can transfer.

Sehr verehrte Damen und Herren,
Von der Zentralbank von Nigeria Dr. Godwin Emefiele, Exkutiver Gouverneur, wurde mir mitgeteilt, dass ich bei Ihnen ein Konto mit den Daten
Route-Nr.- 1111 04879
ACCT.-Nr. 5732000706 besitze.

Ich bitte um Bestätigung und Mitteilung, wie ich Von diesem Konto Geld auf ein deutsches Konto überweisen kann.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Alfred Lorenz

I have been a capital one bank customer about 5 years. Friendly bank . I asked the bank manager why is this branch is closing. The bank manager said corporate office is rollback . On location and the building leases r coming up . My other question is what date is new bank taking over capital one bank.

On Saturday September 2nd I entered my government issue debit MasterCard , to draw money. Your ATM machine took my card and never returned it. There is over $600 on it. I am very upset that all my money is tied up. I’m a senior who lives off my Social Security money. I demand to know how to get my card back. Also I will be at your bank in the morning.
Thank you .
Susan Ann Pitcher


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