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Credit one bank in las vegas nevada #Credit #one #bank #in #las #vegas #nevada, REMMONT.COM

Credit one bank in las vegas nevada

Credit One Bank

585 Pilot Rd , Las Vegas , NV 89119 Map & Directions

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Reviews for Credit One Bank

This card was not mine and it was never ordered by me. When I called about a bill I received for their $79.00 activation fee. They said I now owed them a $100.00 and that the account has been closed by the bank for non payment.

I got the run around from there overseas offices (India) I was told by them I would have to pay my bill that everything was in my name.

When I asked for a supervisor was placed on hold, then told they did not know what the problem was. I said I just need a number for your home office they said When I went on line and called the 702-269-1000 number that is listed as their home office number in Las Vegas, I was automatically redirected to (India). I then asked to have their home office, She said why did I want to speak to a American I said I want their home office, I was transferred to a person that said her name was Rose, and that she was with the home office, and why did I just pay my bill since the info I had given them matched everything. I said I wanted your fraud dept. she said <we don’t have one>I said every credit card company has one, I asked for a name of the supervisor in that department. She said I can’t give out that info, I said lady we have credit cards that have $10,000 open balances on them why would I apply for a card that has a $500.00 card limit on it. That is not my card and I will be filing a Fraud complaint with FBI, and State of MI since I see already have on going open investigation’s in to this company. DO NOT USE THIS >>>CREDIT ONE BANK

On vacation for a week in Mexico and they closed my account without my knowledge. Never sent letter to re-instate account, now shows closed by credit grantor on my credit. Have to re-apply to re-open account. Think I’ll just open with a more reliable, customer friendly credit card company.

I have been attempting to change my date of payment due to CA. State payroll checks being later each month, for over two months. I’m sick & tired of getting the Phillipines, requesting an American supervisor, them putting me with one after another Phillipine staff, then; “always” disconnecting me., I finally acquired their Las Vegas telephone number & lo & behold it connected me with the Phillipines. After two hours today I finally got an American operator who connected me with an American woman on an answering machine where I left a very clear message & stated it was urgent that I have a return call today. NOTHING. Anyone have any suggestions?

We won’t even go into their illegally holding our funds five days, to use themselves, while it goes through my bank the following day after making online payment.

They hold your money for a minimum of 5 days and won’t let you access same for medical emergencies. THey should be out of business. Just another corporate criminal.

Oh my God. I wish I had read the warnings here. – My account went three measley $$##%% dollars over the very very low limit. nobody called to ask for the three measley dollars they simply reported it and my credit score dropped FORTY points over THREE effin’ dollars. WTF. So I call them and hear that it is obviously base oversees and then I realize just like all the commercials make fun of..I fell for a JOKE of a credit card. what we cannot hear you?? Whattt?? It is overseas. I furiously tell them that for three dollars it is a matter of being able to buy or not buy a car. Just the robotic foreign accent voice reading from some silly script. STAY away they will RUIN your credit it is true like the previous poster says.

No grace period in their new terms – Among all their other terms, they are canceling their grace period as of Jan 2010. This means that they will charge you interest from the day you purchase the item, with no chance to pay off the total without accumulating interest.

Warning: Stay away from this Bank’s credit card offers! – Unless you want to spend hours and days and weeks and months, etc. fighting legitimate disputes with Credit One Bank based in Las Vegas, NV, PLEASE, steer clear. But don’t just take my word for it. Do a search for “credit one bank complaints” and read the many different problems other customers have experienced. I wish I had. I filed bankruptcy due to divorce and my credit card through Credit One Bank was one of the accounts that was discharged. According to U.S. Bankruptcy Laws, it is ILLLEGAL for any debtor to attempt to collect on or contact an individual about any debt that has been discharged in bankruptcy. It’s called bankruptcy protection. However, Credit One flagrantly ignores the law and continually calls my home, my place of employment, sends me letters, bills, and has turned the account over to several collection agencies. I provide my proof to each collection agency and then a month or two later, I have a new agency contacting me. By the way, these collection agencies are affiliated with Credit One Bank. My attorney recently reopened my bankruptcy case so the judge can call the bank on the carpet to defend itself before the court. We’ll see. So far, Credit One Bank has chosen to ignore one deadline set by the judge. I feel more ignorance may follow. This company, through its many representatives, is very aware I legally do not owe this debt. Oh, and the amount they’re doggedly pursuing me for? It was filed at $265 but has increased to over $750 because they keep tacking on late fees, overlimit fees and interest. Gee, I wonder how vicious and persistent Credit One Bank would have been had my discharged account been in the thousands? Do not allow yourself to become yet another victim of Credit One Bank!

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