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All car logos and Video

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All car logos and Video, REMMONT.COM

All car logos

Car Logos – Full list of Car Company Logos

A car logo is like a sort of autograph of a car manufacturer, but the logo is even more symbolic and informative. Just a glance at this small emblem can give you an idea of whether it’s a sports car or luxury car, it speaks much about the brand’s image and reputation and the most acquisitive minds can even capture the historical marks. A logo certainly gives zest to a car and that’s why automakers try to invent a peculiar and exquisite visual image to make their cars special and easily recognizable among others.

The Most Popular Car Brand Logos

If you are eager to learn more about different car logos this section of our website is created for you. Take your time and find out something interesting about your favorite car brands here.

Ferrari Logo

Everybody knows that a black prancing horse on a yellow background is an iconic symbol of Ferrari sports cars. But where does it come from? The story tells that in 1923 Enzo Ferrari met the mother of Francesco Baracca, an ace of Italian Air Force and the national hero of World War I. She advised Ferrari to use a prancing stallion as a symbol of fortune like her son used to paint on his planes. The famous constructor willingly accepted the idea. He made his horse black to honor memory of the pilot killed in action, and put it on a yellow shield to reflect the color of Modena, Baracca’s birthplace. The emblem also has the Italian national colors on its top. It’s interesting that Ferrari’s logo resembles much the Coat of Arms of Stuttgart in Germany which is the home to Ferrari’s rivalries Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.

Lamborghini Logo

It is not for nothing that Ferruccio Lamborghini, the world famous Italian manufacturer of luxury sports cars, has chosen a raging bull as a distinctive emblem for his cars. Being a Taurus by zodiac sign, Lamborghini has also had a passion for bullfighting. He was greatly impressed by the bulls of Spanish breeder Don Eduardo Miura and began to put gold charging bulls on his cars emphasizing their power, force and grace. Moreover, many Lamborghini car models got the name of famous bulls: Lamborghini Islero, for example, was named in honor of the animal which killed renowned matador Manolete in 1947.

Porsche Logo

An engineer with a capital E, Ferdinand Porsche intended to create a unique emblem for his exclusive high-performance cars. After long consideration he finally decided upon the current logo which was chosen to glorify the free people of Württemberg. Red and black stripes and the antlers reflect part of the arms of the Kingdom of Württemberg and the black horse in the middle represents the city of Stuttgart as its capital. It is known that Stuttgart was founded on a former stud farm, hence the horse became the key element of the crest. Moreover, a horse is a symbol of speed, strength and elegance which was important for Porsche while choosing the logo.

Bentley Logo

Bentley luxury cars have quite simple but at the same time sophisticated logo: letter “B” with two wings. Letter “B”, which is quite clearly, stands for Bentley brothers who created the brand. The wings remind of speed and legerity. The emblem is made in three colors: white, black and silver. The white color traces serenity and appeal, the black one defines elegance and subtlety, and silver hints add style and luxury.

Rolls Royce Logo

Rolls Royce logo is quite simple at first hand but looks really stylish and professional. It depicts two “R”s which are company’s initials. The letters are put closely together stressing warm friendship between the two founders Charles Rolls and Henry Royce. It is known that the badge on initial Rolls Royce models was colored in red but it changed for black afterwards. As the fame runs, the black color was chosen to express grief after Royce’s death in 1933. However, some reliable sources report that Royce changed the color himself because red badges faded with paint coating.

Logos with animals

A lot of car logotype designers get inspired by animals. Indeed, each living creature represents some certain qualities, like agility, courage, freedom, speed, and many other abstract notions. What can be better than an animal serving as a symbol of a car brand? Scroll down to see which automobile manufacturers use animals and birds in their brand logos, and find out what motivated them. There’s the whole gamut of car logs with animals – each with its story and meaning. Here, they are sorted out by the kind of animal for your convenience. Click to learn more!

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All car logos and Video REMMONT.COM

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