Mar 22 2020

Credit karma free credit monitoring review #Credit #karma #free #credit #monitoring #review

Credit karma free credit monitoring review

Credit Karma – Free Credit Scores, Reports & Monitoring

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Credit Karma Review: Now All Your Credit Score Is On One Place Review

Credit Karma is an app which helps to keep all your credit and tax history under control and gives you access to some personal loan offers. You can download Credit Karma for iOS and limited Android devices.

Functionality 5/5

There’s a lot of options available here. Not only you follow your credit score, but you also can file your tax returns for free. You can even claim money that belongs to you through this app! Get alerts on your phone or email about changes in your reports or if your data has been breached.

Nothing much to say about the design, it is just white background with brand light-green colors. The font is black and unoriginal. But do you really need your financial app to be cute and high fashion? It’s a serious business on which your life depends on, so no.

Usability 3/5

This app analyzes your credit score. It takes all the info you have on your debit and credit cards, loans, taxes, job history, etc. and creates a report that will help you to get another loan or credit with less interest. But even if your credit history is not so rich as you want it to be, you might not get another loan, or you’ll get it but with higher interest.

But the problem is that with all that redundancy in features the app doesn’t perform well and here’s why. You don’t need this Credit Karma review to tell you that U.S. tax and credit systems are major pain even for law-abiding citizens. There are so many laws about that, different in each state, which is confusing not only to common people but to credit companies and banks. So that’s why we ask you not to throw off this app from your radar. Sometimes it doesn’t work properly to a new law in your state which forbids using this app for some reason.

Cross-platform use 3/5

Credit Karma is compatible with iOS devices version 10 or later. Also, you can download it on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. You’re lucky if you have those devices because this app isn’t available to all Android users, so you have to buy an Apple product if you really want to use this app. On iOS it performs good enough.

In-app purchases

There are no direct in-app purchases, and this app is free since the beginning. Credit Karma may offer you some credit options in other financial institutes that will pay them money if you take the offer, that’s how they get their revenue so don’t worry that being free is some kind of a scam.

The Bottom Line

In general, this app is supposed to make your finances more organized and easy to access so you can try your luck by downloading Credit Karma. It’s free but keep in mind that it might not work properly or fast enough. This happens due to law changes and clerk’s mistakes. Also, there’s a chance of your data theft sp keep your info extremely safe.


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