Jul 10 2020

Experian free credit report #Experian #free #credit #report

Experian free credit report


Experian free credit report

The average credit report can be several pages long and rather hard to understand at times, but this is not the case with Experian Report Access. Your free Experian credit report & score includes six simple tabs that are designed to be easy to read and understand.

Below are the six sections you will see: Your Personal Information

In this section you will see your name, date of birth, address and Social Security Number (S.S.N.). Also listed here will be any aliases or other names which have ever been attached with your S.S.N. It is extrememly important for you to verify all of the information contained in this area carefully. Any out of place information could possibly mean someone has accessed your personal accounts with retailers, banks, credit card issuers or utility companies, a clear indication of identity theft or other fraudulent activity. The Federal Trade Commission (F.T.C.) reports up to 9 million citizens per year have their identity stolen, don’t be another victim. *

Experian Report Access Credit Summary includes a complete summary which will show you the number of accounts you may have, the amount of credit that’s available to you, and what percentage of the credit you may have used. This is a best place to look if you’re wanting a basic estimate of your overall financial debt and credit ratio.

Consumer Accounts History

This section makes up about 75% of your Experian free credit report. Here is where you can find a detailed data report about each of your accounts, including when the accounts were opened and if they are generally in good standing. Whenever you are applying for a new line of credit, the information within this section can be used for determining your credit worthiness, credit standing and overall financial stability. Also, keep a close eye on this section for any out of place information that could indicate identity theft. *

Consumer Public Records Information

This area will have listed any judgments that may have been filed against you. Here you is where you will find any bankruptcies, evictions, garnishments, liens or other orders filed by any courts. Keep in mind that misinformation can be common, so contacting the major reporting agencies and having any inaccuracies corrected is imperative. (Contact information will be provided in your Experian free credit report.)

Recent Consumer Credit Inquiries

Whenever you are applying for credit, employment or financing, the individuals can request a copy of your report. These requests will show in this section. It’s a good idea to try to keep a close eye on the number of inquiries on your report, as a high number of them can indicate someone with an overly high credit risk to others. On the positive side, inquiries fall off of your credit report within two years. It’s important to know that veiwing your credit report yourself is not considered as an inquiry. *

Your Consumer Creditor Information

If you have any disputes with the recording of any of your accounts, you will refer to this area. gives you detailed and direct contact details for each one of your creditors, which will include their address, phone number, as well as their website information and email address for their customer service.

By keeping track of where you stand with creditors, insurers, landlords, employers and lenders you can work towards improving your credit risk ratings prior to running into underlying problems. It also allows you to save thousands of dollars annually through lower interest rates, better financing terms, and decreased overall monthly payments.

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I’ve Heard a Lot About Identity Theft In The News Recently – How Are Thieves Able to Steal an Individual’s Identity?

The Most Common Forms Of Identity Theft:

Identity theft will typically start with misuse of a person’s personal identifying information. Simple things like your name, Social Security number, credit card data, and other basic financial account information can lead to identity theft. For typical identity thieves, this kind of information is like a goldmine. Knowledgeable identity thieves can use various common methods to gain access to a person’s information, including:

  • Looking Through Trash Dumpsters.Thieves simply rummage through the trash looking for any bills or papers that have your personal identifying information.
  • Card Skimming.Thieves will steal debit/credit card numbers by simply using a storage device while processing your credit/debit card.
  • Internet Phishing.They will pretend to be legitimate financial companies and use spam or browser pop-up windows to build trust and get you to openly reveal personal information.
  • Changing of Address.Thieves will divert your personal billing statements to their location by filling out a change of home address form.
  • Simple Stealing.They will steal a person’s wallet and/or purse. They will also steal their mail out of their mailbox including credit card and bank statements, credit card offers that are pre-approved, as well as new boxes of checks or tax forms.
  • Simple Stealing.They will steal a person’s wallet and/or purse. They will also steal their mail out of their mailbox including credit card and bank statements, credit card offers that are pre-approved, as well as new boxes of checks or tax forms.

Stay Informed and Protect Yourself as a Consumer by Viewing Your Free Experian Credit Report – Now With Five Level Identity Theft Protection –



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