Jun 30 2020

Fico score versus credit score #Fico #score #versus #credit #score

Fico score versus credit score


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CK: 660 But Fico 8: 574

Have been using CK to track my score and balances in order to get a car loan. But, CK says 660 and Fico (the score used for auto loans) says 574. BIG DIFFERENCE. I wish CK would provide a more accurate score which auto & home lenders actually use. You might think you’re alright to apply for a loan based on info. from CK, only to get denied and an added hard inquiry. Unfortunately for me CK info. is far from accurate.

Wonton143’s response was:

My FICO score matches with CK. I am more concerned why Equifax and TranUnion are so different. I have a 787 on TransUnion and a 808 with Equifax, and CK shows the same. I get my FICO score for free with my credit card statements, so it is nice to compare.

AMR44138’s reply was:

Ugh, I understand, I was so mad. CK has me at 632 and FICO 8 has me at 708. So, I did what any nosey consumer does. I went to my banker friend.
So here is the down low.
FICO 8 is used for everything except mortgages. Lenders in that area are still using FICO 5. FICO 8 is used by 87% of the population who give loans or credit cards. There are 3 different credit agencies who report. ck uses two.
FICO 8 who is used by most to give a yes or not, uses all three to come up with a number.
Moral of the story.
If you’re applying for ANYTHING make sure you ask who they pull from. If your number is higher with FICO 8, apply with them. If it’s reverse, apply with them.
People don’t realize, if you know your scores. You do have power. In my case, I am looking to get a card. I got rid of all my credit cards, kept one. Brought my score up and am more responsible. I will Google what credit cards run your credit with FICO 8. In my case, I already looked. Thank God, a huge majority.
I’ve learned from my friend. FICO 8 is really the big dog. Worry about that one.
Hope this helps.

Missy5051’s reply was:

Why Is it different

I’ve been watching my score and it said it was 652 on credit karma and so I went to get a new car for me and my wife and when I had the dealership run my credit it came back at 491. Why is the difference so bad! Makes me look so bad and I take a hard hit on my credit.



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