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First premier credit card

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Managing Your Account Login – Sign In to Your First PREMIER Bank Account

April 12, 2014 by Ellen

You have to be logged into the First Premier Bank/Premier Bankcard website, at, to be able to perform certain functions. If, for instance, you want to access the statement for your My Premier Credit Card on the site, then, naturally and understandably, you have to be logged in. Similarly, if you want to check your balance, or to pay a bill, you have to sign in to the My Premier Credit Card site: at

How to login to

A space is provided on the homepage of the My Premier Credit Card site, at, where you can initiate the sign in process, by entering your username, and clicking on the ‘continue’ button.

Alternatively, if you look at the very top of the page (the homepage), you will notice that there is a three item menu (with ‘home’, ‘sign in’, and ‘contact us’). In that menu, if you click on ‘’sign in’ option, and you will be taken to the login page: whose address is This means that you can also load your browser, and then simply enter, to end up directly in the same sign in page.

Whichever way you end up on the sign in page, you ultimately will have to start by entering your username, followed by the password (in different/subsequent screens), to end up accessing your account.

Things you can do once you login to

Once you manage to login to the My Premier credit card site at, you will be able to:

See your transaction history: this will help you track how you are spending money, or check whether they are any unauthorized transactions being carried out through your account.

Get email help: it is only when you are logged in that the people at My First Premier bank can ascertain that you are the rightful account holder, and therefore offer you email help pertaining to your specific account.

Pay bills online: this can give you a lot of convenience, compared to going to pay the bills in person.

Check your current balance: this can help you avoid being penalized, and also help you figure out how much of your income you will need to commit to paying the credit card balance.

Check the available credit: this should, in turn, help you know whether you can use your credit card to pay for certain things.



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