May 7 2020

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First premier credit card


First Premier Credit Card Application Status

As you know, First Premier Bank offers many financial services to their customers, agricultural producer, and many businesses as well as different organizations in the US. The services of the bank include account savings, checking remaining amount, ATM services, loans, debit cards, home loans, investments and different phone services of the bank. Some other services of the bank include account savings, real estate loans, different term loans, ATM card, Debit Cards, credit cards, retirement planning, and many other services. The best thing about this bank is it is trustworthy and provide you with reliable services like good administration, investment administration and other financial planning and credit cards guide. If you want to know the First Premier Credit Card Application Status then this article will be helpful to you. Read the full article for a complete guide.

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Steps to Track First Premier Credit Card Application Status Online

If you want to check the First Premier Credit Card Application Status then go through the steps mentioned below. You will find it helpful to check the credit card application status easily.

  • Visit the official site of First Premier Bank by using the link
  • Now, click the credit card button.
  • Next, you have to prov >
    • After prov >Check First Premier Credit Card Application Status By Phone Number

      In case you are having any difficulties or confusion that is linked with the credit card you are all free to contact us when you want to. Also, you can simply ask it specifically first premier credit card application status with the help of this official website.

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      • First Premier Bank is known as one of the largest banks in the country and works with zero debt.
      • Using time-tested the property growth is funded, which is a traditional source same like deposits and as equity.
      • Back in the year 2015, the First Premier Bank was famous as one of the healthiest banks in the country.
      • In 2015, it was ranked as the best bank that works for the American banker as well as other good companies.
      • It serves its customers in the state of South Dakota, the customers include Women, Infants, and Children.
      • In South Dakota, it is the largest Small Business Administration, lenders.

      First Premier Bank is ranked as one of the most performing S-corporate banks and its holding organization is United National Company. It includes the assets of $ hundred million raising to $3 billion by American Association banking Journal.

      • Accept the poor or zero credit

      If your credit score is low than 300 you will be approved.

      As you know that by using this card, you will be charges high fees so you can save your money if you take payday loans every year multiple times. First PREMIER® Bank Credit Card give your certain opportunities for making better repayment and the interest charge on it will be lower than most of the payday loans.

      By making your payments on time regularly, you can easily improve your credit. The entire three bureau takes reports from all the credit cards.

      What to watch out for?

      • Fees

      The application fees for First PREMIER ® Bank Credit Card is total of $95, In the first year, the minimum fee is around $75 which fall from $45 to $49 in that year. After the first year, the monthly fee you will be charged is $6.25 to $10.40. If you are no having a balance in your card, you can also pay for it.

      The interest rate is 36%, which is more than the other cards you will find.

      What should I know before I apply?

      If you want to apply for First Premier ® Bank Credit Card, you must have around $245 for the deposit and fees purpose. Your credit limit depends on your credit score determined by First Premier ® Bank Credit Card.

      Other requirements:

        Your age must be at least 18 or above and you must be a permanent res >

      Information mentioned below you need to provide for applying for the card:

      • Prov >being lived in the current location.
      • Social Security Number (SSN).
      • In case you have the savings account and checking or not.

      How do I apply for the card?

      1. Visit the official site of the First Premier Bank and click on the option Apply Today in the green color located at the end of the page.
      2. In the next step answer, the question asked from you about your financial condition and then click on the Continue button.
      3. Now prov >How long will it take to get approved?

      The approval time of the First Premier Credit Card Application Status is around 1 minute or less after submitting your application. Other conditions include First PREMIER ® Bank Credit Card for determination of the approval it may take an additional 7 to 10 days you will receive a response by mail. If you have any questions related to First Premier Credit Card Application you can use the phone number i.e. 800-987-5521.

      I got the First PREMIER® Bank Credit Card. Now what?

      • Take notice on how much you are spending:

      The First PREMIER ® Bank Credit Card is costly and raises your credit and collection emergencies other than regular expenses. On top of the fees for interest, you do not want to be caught.

      • Process to making payments:

      You can make payments by using phone number i.e. 800-987-5521, online or by using mailing address on the spot.

      • How to get rid of interest:

      If you want to get rid of interest, you must make your payments done on time. You must make your payments done before the due date at least the minimum payment should be pay. The due date of the payment should be the same day every month.

      • Rank of your account must be good:

      You can raise your credit by making your payments on time. This will find you useful for qualifying your credit card with low fees and less APR.


      The answer to this question is yes. However, for this, you have to pay an additional fee of around $29.

      Yes. For this, you have to pay 25 percent amount of the credit limit increased. However, the condition applied for this is you must have your card along with you for at least 13 months.

      • Can I withdraw a cash advance?

      Sure, you can withdraw it. If you are having a new account, you are limited with 10% of your credit limit. Soon after 90 days, it will increase to 50% of your credit limit. You must have back-to-back two months of payment history, and not regularly a negligent and does not have any returned payment from the past 2 months.

      Yes, it gives increases on some conditions i.e. when First Premier increases the customer credit limit it charges you 25% from the amount which is increased. Customers can apply anytime for increment in their credit card limit but they have to complete the duration of 13 months as a customer before applying for an increment otherwise they will not get any increase in their credit limit. The range of increment is between $100 and $200.

      $7 every month will be a charge to you for the Service fee of $84. Some Other Charges include Credit Limit Increase Fee: Every time your Account is permitted and approved for a credit limit increase that is you will be charged $25.00 fee.

      The Platinum Cards provide you with higher minimum credit limits other than gold cards, which will be useful for you if you spent more credit and can manage your credit card payments easily with attention. Platinum cards than other gold cards, offered by the same donor, charge higher annual fees.

      Usually, the annual fee charged on platinum credit cards differ between the range $99 to $300 or it may be higher than that. Other Rewards programs. You need to take notice of how many points you earn on spending every dollar.

      First Premier Bank allow you to cancel your credit card any time with zero cancellation fee. All you have to do is make a call to customer service by using the number 1-800-987-5521. The other method is by writing a letter of cancelation and mail it.



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