May 24 2019

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Get Your Credit Score For Free

Free credit scores online

You should know your credit score. Finally it s free!

Setting up your account is easy. You ll be able to:

  • View your free credit score in 3 minutes
  • Track score changes every month
  • Get finance tips and learn how to improve your score
  • See recommendations that match your profile

Free credit scores online

“Before you go to bed tonight, you have to go find out your credit score.” – Bruce Sellery

“Add one more service that a tech-savvy company is making quick and easy for consumers.”

BBB Accredited Business. A Rating.

“Start-up company lets Canadians check credit score for free” – CBC News

Free credit scores online

Getting Your Credit Score For Free From Borrowell

  • Free credit scores online

It only takes 3 minutes to complete our online process, set up your account and get your credit score.

  • Free credit scores online


    We use bank-level encryption to ensure your information stays safe. We ll never share your personal information without your explicit consent.

  • Free credit scores online

    Your credit score is provided to you for free. We ll even give you tips to improve it and find offers that match your financial profile.

  • Free credit scores online

    Free credit scores online

    What people are saying about Borrowell

    Before @Borrowell, I d never known my actual credit score. It was free took less than five mins to confirm my score is excellent! Thanks!

    — Marcelina Styczyńska (@MarcelinaJ) June 28, 2016

    I accidentally distracted my whole team with a rousing discussion about credit scores.They re all on @Borrowell getting theirs now.

    — Desirae Odjick (@half_banked) July 7, 2016

    Always wanted to know what my credit score was, and @Borrowell just told me for free! Nicely done

    Free credit scores online

    Free credit scores online

    How it works

    1. Fill out our form to create your account
    2. Confirm your email address
    3. Verify your identity with Equifax verification questions

    Free credit scores online

    Free credit scores online

    Why is it important to know your credit score?

    Your financial choices influence your credit score. And your credit score influences your financial choices. Whether you re looking to purchase a home, get auto financing, sign a lease or make another decision, your credit score will be taken into account.

    Having a good credit score will make it easier (and cheaper!) to do all those things.

    Knowing your credit score is the first step to understanding and improving it.

    And now you can get your credit score for free for the first time in Canada.

    Free credit scores online

    Free credit scores online

    Free credit scores online

    Learn More About Credit Scores

    • Free credit scores online

    Sign up for our free

    7-week email Credit Score Course

  • Free credit scores online

    Read The Ultimate Guide to Canadian Credit Scores.

  • Free credit scores online

    Got questions? Review our

    Free credit scores online

    Who is Borrowell?

    Borrowell is a Canadian company that uses technology to make financial services fast, fair and friendly. We believe that Canadians deserve more choice and more transparency when it comes to their personal finances.

    Come join us on our mission to make financial services fast, fair and friendly.

    We are backed by some of the best and brightest business investors in Canada. If you d like to learn more about us, click here .

    The Equifax credit score is based on Equifax’s proprietary model and may not be the same score used by third parties to assess your creditworthiness. The provision of this score to you is intended for your own educational use. Third parties will take into consideration other information in addition to a credit score when evaluating your creditworthiness. The score provided to you is the Equifax Risk Score, which is also known as ERS 2.0.

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