May 19 2019

#Interesting travel news @ #Video

#Interesting #travel #news

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Interesting travel news

Weird and Wacky

Seedy side of thriving metropolis

It’s a glitzy destination that boasts all kinds of dark secrets, not least a red district that’s becoming a hotspot for grimy hedonism.

Eye-watering cost to hire this man

If you travel with Sam Barksy, chances are you’ll never feel the cold. But having him visit your hometown will cost you more than $100k.

‘I found the solution to mozzies’

As the rain continues in parts of Australia, experts warn we could have a longer mozzie season than normal. But this hack might save your skin.

Inside epic new Star Wars theme park

From building your own droids and lightsabers, to dining on green gravy with orange cauliflower — this is the new Star Wars world.

Bored pilot’s cheeky message in sky

A young pilot tasked with flying for two hours at a constant speed found a creative way to pass the time as he flew over South Australia.

Inside the weird world of human ‘hot pots’

Fancy chowing down on some delicious Chinese hot pot while you get near nude and take a bath? Maybe not.

Why everyone’s talking about this plane

This new aircraft may look ridiculous, but its clever features make it seem better than most passenger jets out there.

Moment hang-glider clings on for life

This is the terrifying moment a hang-glider desperately clings on for life after the pilot forgot to attach him to the craft.

$104 brekky fry-up everyone wants

Tourists are flocking to this cafe to try its famous breakfast. But there’s something unusual about the egg.

Iconic cities as you’ve never seen them

THINK you recognise the world’s most iconic tourist destinations? This mind-warping experiment might stump you.

Shock truth behind this image

THEY came here in search of the ultimate tourist experience, but never could have expected the horror that awaited them.

Airline’s mortifying name blunder

HERE’S an example of not thinking things through. This airline came up with a swanky new design — that hides a very rude message.

Fury over hotel’s Hitler sex room

A SEX hotel has come under fire for a “disgusting and awful” room, which is extremely popular with groups looking for sordid orgies.

Why UK zoo had to use fake penguins

IT’S a new and hotly anticipated attraction that cost tens of thousands of dollars to build, but it’s leaving visitors baffled and dismayed.

Baffling mystery of tourist hotspot

THIS tourist hotspot in a national forest is captivating to look at. But it’s what lies beneath that has people really fascinated.

Sinister secret behind stunning hotel

IT LOOKS like a luxurious place to spend a night, but there is something dark and unnerving about this hotel and many others like it.

The intriguing secret hidden in plain sight

STRANGE things have been happening in this hugely popular tourist city and it turns out that it’s littered with secret sites of horror.

Most haunting drawing on Earth?

AT FIRST glance it appears to be a basic, childlike drawing, but the story behind this image is beyond sickening. WARNING: Graphic.

Terrifying moment lion jumps on tourist

THIS incredible photo shows a lion barging into a tour buggy packed with tourists. But not everything was as it seemed.

Hilarious holiday photo fails

TOURISTS have shared their holiday disaster photos, including one that shows the hilarious results of an overenthusiastic hotel maid.

Craziest pics from inside Burning Man

IT BEGAN as a bonfire lit by two friends, but grew into the world’s raunchiest festival located deep in the scorching Nevada desert.

Photo confusing the internet

THIS mind-boggling image has managed to divide the internet yet again. So can you figure out what is happening here?

Homestay comes with field of alpacas

A COSY country AirBnb was already popular with tourists, but when the locals threw in their field of alpacas bookings went through the roof.

A real-life Kwik-E-Mart has just opened

FANS of The Simpsons, this is one to add to your bucket lists immediately.

My royal wedding fight with an old lady

KRISTEN Henry travelled from Canberra to Windsor, and got a prime position for the royal wedding at 4am. But then a sneaky old lady tried to steal her spot.

Controversial new urinals dividing a city

PARIS has found a novel new way to be environmentally friendly. But it’s making a lot of locals cringe.

Don’t fall for this painful airport prank

PRANKSTERS are wreaking havoc on unwitting passengers waiting for their flight with a simple stunt, which is pure evil.

Airline needs a pilot for top-secret flights

THE world’s most mysterious airline is looking for someone to pilot top-secret flights of its unmarked planes. And of course, there’s a catch.

Bermuda Triangle ‘solved’

SCIENTISTS say they’ve finally figured out the dark secret of the infamous region that’s claimed hundreds of lives for a century.

Mates buy genuine ghost town

THIS abandoned ghost town used to be super dangerous, with at least one murder a week. Now it’s been purchased for a whopping sum.

Perfect response to airport mishap

WHEN you leave something behind at the airport, you know the chances of ever seeing it again are pretty much zero. Not this time.

Baffled locals find abandoned 747

CONSPIRACY theories quickly ran wild when a group of locals woke up to find what they believed to be an abandoned jumbo jet sitting in a muddy field near their homes.

Proof Bondi is not the most hellish beach

IF YOUR idea of hell is a day at the beach with tens of thousands of other people then welcome to your worst nightmare.

Tiny problem hidden in rental picture

A GROUP of mates thought they’d found the perfect getaway spot. The reality has left the internet laughing.

What world’s biggest cities will look like

THESE incredible photos show what popular cities around the world could soon look like, if ambitious architectural projects succeed.

Eerie photos of plane and car graveyard

OLD planes have to go somewhere when they’re done flying — and it is an astonishing sight to behold.

Woman breaks 12yo spell on island

A REMOTE island has celebrated its first birth in 12 years. But that’s not the only bizarre thing about this story.

Like Airbnb, but everyone’s naked

DO YOU like to bare all on holiday? This new accommodation booking app is right up your alley.

Big trick behind incredible photo

THIS jaw-dropping image shows what appears to be a mega-yacht sitting in the middle of skyscrapers. So how it that even possible?

Giant floating playground ‘is insane’

A MASSIVE inflatable waterpark taking up 4100 sqm has been unveiled and it’s straight out of your wildest dreams. Take a look to find out why it has travellers going crazy.

I became an accidental royal tour guide

KRISTEN Henry really wanted to join a tour for the royal wedding. When one didn’t exist, she took a punt and booked 10 tickets herself.

Hotel stay that’ll cost you $12 million

THIS is the ultimate in luxury holidays — a unique hotel that costs more than $100,000 a night. But don’t expect the food to be good.

Topless-optional cruise to set sail

A VERY adults-only cruise ship has announced details of its first voyage, and it sounds like passengers are in for a wild ride.

Weird laws that could get you in trouble

THE world is filled with unusual rules that you might not even realise you’re breaking. Here are some of the most bizarre and dangerous examples.

Secret club with $1.6 million fee

HIDDEN underneath a popular tourist area lies a bizarre new club for the mega-rich that remains shrouded in mystery.

Controversial new holiday trend

IT’S happened to everyone. You arrive first thing at the beach to find every lounger in sight occupied. Now a plan to change that has holiday-makers fired up.

Mysterious photo: Is this a ghost?

EVER since Jon had a brush with death years ago, strange things keep happening to him. But this photo tops them all.

Country with the kinkiest named towns

THIS stunning village has English speakers in stitches when they hear how to pronounce the name: F**k Ya. And it’s not the only terribly named village.

Tourists’ dumbest gripes revealed

THESE incredibly stupid complaints by travellers on TripAdvisor have to be seen to be believed.

Man’s money-saving hack backfires

IN A bid to avoid an excess baggage fee on a flight to the United Kingdom, this man put on eight pairs of pants and 10 shirts. It didn’t end well.

Three words Disney workers can’t say

JUST when we thought we’d heard all the juicy secrets, another former employee has lifted the lid on what it’s really like working at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Abandoned city under London

YOU’VE heard of the Tube but there’s another, more mysterious network beneath London’s streets with a very different purpose.

The top secret airline flying into Area 51

THE world’s most mysterious airline flies unmarked planes into the paranormally charged Area 51. The airline is now searching for crew.

Inside NYC’s wildest club

FROM poetry brothels and spanking stations to pole-dancing comps and musicals about ketamine — this is one of the wildest clubs on the planet.

‘Sexy’ roo blocks tourist from loo

A KANGAROO reclining in a “come hither” pose has blocked a tourist from going to the loo in a national park near Perth.

How to celebrate New Year’s Eve twice

LOOKING to have double the fun on New Year’s Eve? Here’s how you can manipulate time for a second burst of the celebrations.

Proof we’ve reached peak narcissism

USUALLY you go to a museum to appreciate historically significant moments or figures. Then there is this museum.

Cross-dressing Aussie’s millions of fans

MEET Ladybeard. He’s a cross-dressing, pro-wrestling Australian pop singer with millions of fans – but chances are, you’ve never even heard of him.

Pilot’s cheeky message spotted on radar

IF this pilot thought no-one would notice what was going on up there, they were wrong.

How Australia is selling death to tourists

TOURIST attractions in Australia have taken a morbid turn. Cemeteries are the new, hot place to visit — and people can’t get enough.

Disney’s bizarre rule for staff

THE Happiest Place on Earth is actually really strict, with lots of rules for workers’ behaviour — even the way they point their fingers.

Japan tourists’ hilarious sightseeing fail

CONFUSED holiday-makers are flocking to this unremarkable garbage incinerator by the thousands, thinking it is something else.

Hardest countries to visit

IN A world of travel options, these are the countries that are notoriously difficult to get into. But they have their reasons.

Deadly island abandoned by Soviets

VOZROZHDENIYA Island holds a dark secret which makes it one of the deadliest places on the planet.

Airbnb’s most terrifying listings

FROM former asylums to scenes of death and suffering, these are some of the most haunted houses available to brave guests to rent.

Inside the world’s scariest party

A TOWN that made its name killing witches hundreds of years ago now draws people from all walks of life to celebrate the biggest Halloween party in the world.

Genius move that won mafia war

IN 1971, Italy banished its worst mafioso to live in paradise. The only problem was the locals didn’t want them there.

Is this the dumbest new travel trend?

WANT to live it up like a Kardashian on a private jet, without burning through the cash? One company’s making that dream possible — but there’s a big catch.

Fury over X-rated wedding trend

AN OLD church in Greece has vowed to never again host foreign weddings after newlyweds started a filthy photo trend.

How to get into world’s most sordid club

THOUSANDS of people queue every day to get in and most are rejected. Here’s some inside tips on how to get past the bouncer.

Things about Bangkok you don’t know

IT’S one of our most popular cities to take a break but not everything worth visiting makes it into the guidebook.

The world’s most bizarre tour

TOURS are meant to give travellers an authentic experience of a country. But this Mexican tour takes that perhaps a little too literally.

What you don’t want to be called at Disney

DISNEY has rules against employees using negative language around customers, so they’ve come up with a special way of describing annoying guests.

What this stunning shot doesn’t show you

THIS Brazilian pilot’s unbelievable selfie from the cockpit of his plane over Dubai has gone viral. But things aren’t quite as they seem in the photo.

This tourist attraction is bizarre

THERE are some things I’ll never understand. And this rock in Brazil is one of them.

‘Creepy’ wax figures slammed

HERE’S the problem with wax figures modelled in the likeness of celebrities: when they’re good, they’re astonishingly good. When they’re not, they’re terrifying.

Men crushed in ‘running of the balls’

SPAIN has come up with an animal-friendly alternative to the bull running tradition. It uses a 300kg ball, and as this video shows, it’s just as brutal.

World’s most sordid nightclub

THERE are orgies on the dance floor and a guy in the bathroom who requests the most disgusting thing. This is Europe’s most exclusive nightclub. WARNING: Explicit

The crazy new trend for Bali tourists

TOURISTS in Bali are lining up to get into the notorious Kerobokan prison. It’s actually not that hard, but it sure makes for a strange trip.

Is this the cure for plane rage?

FLYING is a stressful experience. But this airline claims it has the solution to taking the stress out of it and it involves food.

There’s something wrong with this photo

THIS might look like one of the most dangerous poses, but don’t by fooled by this picture. This is one big lie.

Man’s hilarious holiday snap goes viral

SOMETIMES the universe just rewards us. A tourist was sunbathing in Malaysia when he discovered an amazing coincidence.

Crew’s brilliant way to pass time on flight

TIME can really drag on when you’re stuck on a plane. But lucky for these passengers, they had a quick-thinking flight attendant.

Mind-bending photo sparks frenzy

A COUPLE’S odd picture has sent Facebook into a frenzy, with no one able to agree exactly what’s going on with the weird palm tree in the background.

Attractions that are fooling tourists

MILLIONS of tourists go out of their way to find and queue up at these attractions. But they’re not what people think they are.

Weird Aussie spots you might not know

AUSTRALIA really is a weird and wonderful place. And these are the most interesting, hidden gems most tourists miss.

Pilot gets creative testing new plane

A BOEING pilot decided to have a little bit of fun when doing an engine testing exercise of a new plane and it’s amazing.

Is this the world’s creepiest motel?

LEGEND has it that the victims of a mysterious plague haunt this lonely motel in Nevada. But that’s not even the creepiest thing about it.

New craze involves glass walls and butts

GLASS-WALLED swimming pools are at the centre of the latest Insta trend. Frankly, we’re surprised it took so long.

Nervous flyers, look away

FROM an airport at the edge of a cliff to sandy beach landings, these are the world’s craziest airport landings. Consider yourself warned.

Strange stuff to buy in vending machines

FORGET the chip machine. You can buy plenty of weird and wacky things in today’s vending machines: from caviar, to Putin paraphernalia.

This pasta is designed to choke people

IN 1800s Italy, people were so angry at the power of priests and monks that they created a pasta dish designed to kill them.

Cuba’s genius solution to X-rated problem

STATE-RUN love hotels will start popping up in Havana, in a novel attempt by authorities to curb X-rated behaviour in public.

Concierge asked to procure ‘blonde baby’

HOTEL concierges face some pretty outlandish requests from the rich and famous. Here’s their all time favourites.

Newest island could soon disappear

AN island which appeared almost overnight is suddenly swarming with visitors. But it will probably go away just as quickly.

World’s weirdest tourist attractions

A MUSEUM dedicated to poop is both fun and educational. And that’s just one of the weird tourist attractions around the globe.

What was airline thinking?

PLANE food is pretty ordinary at the best of times, but this abomination was on a whole different level of disappointment.

Why do passengers keep doing this?

A DISGUSTED airline passenger has slammed a fellow traveller for her actions in the seat directly behind her.

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