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This is the worst credit card company out there. If you are trying to rebuild your credit seek elsewhere. I made a payment 2 weeks ago that cleared the bank on 4/12 and they still haven’t posted the funds to my account. This is almost $400 of my money they are holding and making interest off in their bank account right now. They are saying it takes 30 days to post what. Are you kidding me? I paid $95 processing fee and a $100 annual fee. WTF was I thinking. I have been calling customer service and supervisors and managers for 2 weeks now to have my money released so that I can use my card and no one will help me.

We called the bank and they verified the funds posted and we even faxed the check from the bank to First Premier showing that it was cashed by them on 4/12 and they still haven’t release my money to my account. I’m ready to get a lawyer and sue them. Once it’s credited I will close this account and call it a day and dispute the processing fee and annual fee changes with my bank. Lesson learned will never use this company again.

I have 2 First Premier accounts. They are both closed. I am on a fixed income and went on a special payment programs with one of the cards but missed a payment. My husband lost his job. I was kicked out of the program. I have called several times to see if I could pay 25 a month with no interest and no fees. I was told no by the collections department, I would not be eligible until 2024 for help. I do not recommend this card for anybody. I owe the debt and want to pay. I was offered a settlement that I could not afford. I am still trying to resolve the issue.

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This company is absolutely ridiculous and hands down the worst credit card company I’ve EVER dealt with. We got this card to rebuild our credit. We were given a $1,000 limit. Shortly afterward, we had a family emergency and had to use the card to fly to Montana unexpectedly. Since then, we have been making the minimum payments because money is tight. This month, we made a much larger payment to get the balance (and their outrageous interest charges) lowered. Shock of all shocks. they show the payment was made, but have suspended the account! What the heck? What reputable company would suspend your account for making a payment and being responsible?! WORST CARD EVER.

Premier Bankcard provides a great avenue to improve a credit score and creditworthiness, it’s a shame that this system provided by one of the greater philanthropists in the banking industry is being abused and dragged in the mud by consumers. The backlash seems to come from mismanagement of one’s finances and lack on understanding of the credit industry. Credit is a privilege, my advice is if you hold yourself to higher standard one that doesn’t revolve around entitlement this is a great tool to prove that. If you had some slumps in credit like I have, this card provides monthly credit reporting and as long as you eat the fees (because why would a major credit card trust your crummy credit history) the road is yours to drive on. Food for thought, you do the dishes. A scam this company is definitely not.

I’ve had this card for 7 years and had my first experience with $400 in unauthorized charges. They didn’t reverse the charges or apply a temporary credit due to the fact that they had to do an investigation which takes a 60 days. I was told that a temporary credit is not guaranteed or may never be considered at all. I find that to be incredibly insane! What happen to zero liability? The dispute process is very antiquated and dated. These unauthorized increased my utilization rate and decreased my credit score by 15 points!

Unfortunately, I cannot close this card as it was the card I opened to rebuild my credit 7 years ago which would wipe out my oldest credit card age. While I was disappointed with their antiquated dispute process, I applied for a Navy Federal Cash Rewards credit card and was approved for $25,000 credit limit which I should have been approved for a $40,000 credit limit with the $400 temporary credit. The unauthorized charges damaged my overall utilization rate.

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I’ve had my First Premier Credit card for less than a month, so it is too soon to give either a great or terrible review, so I chose 3 stars. I do however have to say that many of the reviews are terrible, but I wanted to comment on some of the reviews that scared me the most. In my experience so far: I was in fact able to sign up for a FREE online account. (I read repeatedly people say that they had to pay). My card worked immediately. I used it online and at the store, without incident. (I read many horror stories of it not working so I put that to the test). I paid over the phone, using my bank card as soon as the transaction cleared. (No problems making my payment either as others stated. The payments were free and posted the next business day).

I was able to call and choose my own payment date because the assigned didn’t work for me. I did not have to wait on the phone long and the employee wasn’t rude or anything either as many stated. My credit score went DOWN but that is normal when opening a new line of credit and it will recover in time, as long as I’m not using it much and paying my bill. Only use less than 30%, preferably 10%, and always pay your balance off in FULL by the due date to avoid the interest charges. As stated, I haven’t been a customer long, but as of now I have not had any problems other than the initial dip in my credit score. I will revise if I run into problems that are NOT related to ME misusing this card.

I have had this card for a year, I get something saying they are upping the limit. But instead they send me a 2nd card with a separate account and its own limit. My original card payment needed to be made but I couldnt for another week. I go to use my new card and they blocked the account because the first card payment wasnt made. When I contact their service department they say they are not the same account and are separate contracts. Then they tell me that because they are both my cards they are going to block the card with a balance on it until the other payment is made. Even after the payment was set up. So how can you tell someone they are completely separate accounts until it benefits the company and now they are the same. HORRIBLE COMPANY. I will pay this off soon and close these accounts.

Twice I have gone online and scheduled a payment. Twice now they have not registered the payment. This second time I was wise enough to capture the payment verification page. I can see that the payment I scheduled for 2/2/2019 was not scheduled, despite me 100% remembering going online and making the payment. Like I said, luckily I did a capture screen for the payment and will have to present this to them on Monday, as today is Saturday evening and they’re closed. Very po’d. I don’t know what game they’re playing, and it could be a computer error. however, they try to nab you for late fees so I can’t help but suspect there is something fishy going on. Not happy.

Yes the card cost a lot. I’ve had my card now for 5 years now. Only ones who would give me a card. Started off with 300 dollar credit limit – they took half of that for activation. Kept my payments on time. When thing was ok for me I paid it off. Then I ran into hardship and started only paying minimum payments. They raised my card without me asking to 500 dollars. Now today it’s 1000 interest. Is hard but you can pay it off. Not interest or fees. I love them. My credit score went up like 100 points because of them. Gotten my self in more debt because of hardship but god is good. Things will be ok. Use your credit wisely.

I apply Premier Bankcard – offer me 700.00 plus activation fee of 35.00. I waited a week to get the card, no card, so I call customer service – told that it take 3 weeks before it come in mail. “I NEVER GOT THE CARD”. So Premier Bank sent me a letter saying I call and CLOSE the card. WHEN I never gotten the card. SCAM. RUN. THIS is a scam credit card. Do not apply or get it. The letter I gotten told me the account is close. Glad got the letter saying it close so I do not have to deal with them anymore.

I am super pissed! I lost a card and called to replace it. I had it shipped to my office to ENSURE I would get it. But I DIDN’T! So Because it wasn’t their fault, supposedly because the address was right, they charged ME (the card) $35 for 3-5 Business days so that it would require a signature. THAT’S RIDICULOUS! But I guess that’s what I get for not having a credit score and having to build one. I’ll just pay off this card and let it sit! Won’t give my money to companies who take mine!

These people are the worst. They tacked on all their fees, which made me over the limit, so got added fees. They said my payment was late, it was mailed in more than enough time, I think they just wait until it is past the due date, then credit the account. My payment is due on the 4th of month, today is the 5th, my bank is not showing that they have taken the amount out, so guess I will get another late fee. I will pay this stupid card off and will never use it again. Will never ever recommend First Premier Bank to anyone. They are below gutter level.

I activated my Premier credit card on 12/29/18 and I’ve had nothing but regret ever since. I paid the activation fee, which they took immediately, but haven’t been able to use my card at all. I was told that I have to fax proof of my address and SSN to get access to my credit that I’ve already paid for and that will take 3-5 business days.

This credit card is good, on paper. But in practice, they are a scam. If you pay multiple payments in a month or if you pay substantially more than the minimum they will suspend your account and you have to fight tooth and nail to get it back online. The customer service people aren’t even trained correctly. They are not worth it.

In October 25th I opened a secured credit card account with First Primier Bank card and they took my security deposit of $200 dollars from my checking account then when I activated the card on November 2nd they charged me $50 for adding extra card holder then again $29 for fees so my credit card balance got to $121. Then when I tried to make purchases it declined then I try to use at ATM. They locked the card then call the customer service. They told me, “We required additional information such a fax the copies of your driver license, mailing statements.”

So I told them, “If you needed those documents you all should have asked all those information before taking my security deposit of $200,” so on November 3rd they told me. “We will refund the money within 3 to 5 business day,” so I waited for the my money to be credited. Then I called again next week on Saturday. Then they told me again 48 to 72 hours so I waited again. Now again this Saturday November 24 I called again. They said they are confused where to send my money to my checking do the customer wants the account to be close and now they say they will send me a check for $200. I have to wait another 7 to 14 business days. So I suggest to anyone not to business with First Premier Bank. They take people money. They don’t give line of credit. They cheat people total ripoff.

First Premier Bankcard is awful. It’s expensive, charges a monthly fee and the app is terrible as it does not list transactions appropriately. Very low limit. They charge a percentage to raise your credit limit. Just a horrible card all the way around.

I been on time every payment. Kept balance at no more than 30%. Got a letter saying they closed my account. I called customer service and they told me they had no clue and couldn’t help me saying my account was fine. I tried to use my card and got declined. I called customer service back. They told me again my account was fine. I tried to log in on my phone and got a message saying account not available. I got a letter in mail saying account is closed. Worst credit card company I have ever dealt with. I will never get a card with them. They have lost my business for good.

Don’t use this card to rebuild your credit. Don’t send them your $400 dollars. The worst company ever. Super high fees and I claimed bankruptcy and they still haven’t taken off my credit report 6 months later. Get a Capital One prepaid $49-$5000. It’s 100 percent better with no hidden fee and as soon as you open 50 points first payment another 25 points watch your score climb.

This company is a fraud, I’ve been trying to make payments online for two weeks and was not allowed to do so. They kept saying that my bank denied the transaction but I have 3 other credit cards that I paid with said bank account and haven’t had a problem. They want you to be late with payment so that they can charge you late fees. I have several people that I know has experienced the same thing. I have cancelled my card. I will dispute any charges going forward. Thank you.

I received a pre-approval letter for a $700 credit limit credit card from Premier. I accepted the agreement, even with the high interest rates, and received the card a few weeks later. I used the card for about 6 weeks, never using more than 50% of the limit. I made weekly payments, every payday, using Premier’s mobile app and my checking account. All payments cleared my bank, easily. Without notice, Premier suspended my account, pending verification of my checking account. 6 payments had already cleared! WTF.

I called customer service to question the suspension. 2 days later, without warning, Premier closed my account. WTF. Account in good standing, with nothing but consistent valid payments, and they closed the account. Now afraid that Premier will falsely ruin my credit rating. Oddly, Premier accepted my continuing payments, via phone payment system, using THE SAME CHECKING ACCOUNT! WTF. Advise everyone avoid this scam “bank”!

First Premier is the Trailer Trash of Credit Card Companies. I got my husband a First Premier credit card then I got a First Premier credit card. The first month I made a payment I believe over the phone then I tried their mobile app. When I put the checking account in I thought I put it in correctly but I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t posting to my account. When I called they told me, “Oh your account is closed.” I said, “It’s only been open a month!! Why?”

I spoke to a man and he said, “You put the wrong checking account into the mobile app to make a payment” so I said. “So take me to a firing squad. Put a blindfold on me and freaking shoot me. You closed my account? Because I put an incorrect payment method into the mobile website. It’s called an error. It happens on mobile apps especially. Gee, I bet you THAT never happened before. “

Well lucky for me, come October I’ll be able to purchase cars and houses with cash so I guess I won’t be needing you anymore, but you don’t think I’m going to leave quietly do you? No way. What you’re doing is very wrong and someone not in my position is going to suffer and since my first name is Justice and my middle name is FOR All. They don’t call me the Pitbull for nothing and I do not make idle threats.

I’m in a very unique situation, most people will never be in the situation I’m in. I know when my windfall is happening and I know how much it is. It just so happens October 30th is right around the corner after 3 long years. You were just a stepping stone for me to get from point A to point B which ends less than 45 days from today. I guess your company being, how shall I say this, how do you say piece of crap company in a nice way? Mmm I guess you can’t, anyway,

what’s funny is once you have money people will kiss your ** falling all over themselves & once they see the amount I’m getting they’ll be poo pooing in their pants. They get no repercussions for basically chastising you for a plain ol’ error.

I’m still not sure what the error was because of course they’re not telling me but I will get to the bottom of it. Cry Me a River for the wrath I’m about to bestow upon you. So all that being said there are plenty of other of credit card companies. I wouldn’t go to First Premiere at all! First Access is awesome. You can try. A really really good one is Merrick Bank. They’re awesome too. Anybody but these losers. Capital One’s awesome too. Those are the three. We have Capital One, Merrick and First Access. Run from First Premier. They’re pathetic! I call them the Trailer trash of credit card companies.

I have two credit cards with First Premier Bank and I maintain a low balance, but to my surprise, even though I paid my balance off 2 weeks prior, I now have a $91.00 balance! I don’t even charge this much to this card! I looked into it and they charged me $79 annual fee & $12 monthly fee! I requested via email (it’s Sunday) to cancel both credit cards and I will call first thing Monday morning. There is enough cards out there that don’t charge an annual fee nor a monthly fee. (Capital One) BE AWARE! I’ve learned my lesson, besides, companies like this enjoy taking advantage of people trying to get out of debt and do the right thing. Shame on First Premier Bank! I WILL NEVER USE THEIR CREDIT CARD OR SERVICES AGAIN!

Opened on almost over 10 mos or more on a $400 limit. Never been late. Have paid twice the minimum $30 monthly balance way before the due date. Has not helped my credit score. I have requested credit increase but denied. This month My bank deposited my funds into wrong account which Premier was already Paid in advance. Premier tried to debit some extra funds from my account which had already been paid. So I disputed them with my bank. Premier Written me a letter stating they were closing my account. I am currently still paying the balance off which is left $84 out of $194.00 Which is not due till next cycle. Premier Also does not report & reflect my monthly payments that I have previously made going back when I first opened the account. My bank states they do not issue Letterheads. Premier is asking in order to reopen the account which I am not requesting to reopen.

Premier Bankcard, FPB, First Premier Bank etc, they are all the same company, out of all the credit cards I have had, this one has been the worse experience EVER. I was approved for two accounts and paid all the upfront fees, and years later went into collections, which are now paid, and PIF letters received. However, FPB is playing games when it comes to correcting and updating my credit info with the 3 major credit bureaus. They took a ACH payment for both accounts, then sent me several PIF letters advising the balance was resolved, then updated my credit correctly.

Well, on July 13, 2018 they changed it back to default and a charge off and also changed the balance back from zero to amount owed. Who does this? This is clearly not ethical or compliant with FCRA requirements. I am sooooo waiting for a national news station to reach out to me to speak on this company, I have wrote several letters, made phone calls, submitted disputes etc, and I will continue to until they do their job and update the information correctly.

I paid their required $95 upfront fee to even get their credit card leaving a balance of $225. I just received a call telling me that I am late paying them $100 and how would I like to take care of that. I never received the credit card and told the rep that. She said that doesn’t matter that I still owed an annual fee of $100. I said unless I had the credit card in hand I was not going to pay them any more money. I was transferred to a customer service rep who just gave me grief so I ask for a refund and told them That I am going to report their business practice to the AG of Texas and hung up. This is a total scam. Don’t fall for their BS. I have nothing but a hole in my pocket dealing with false claims of credit that never was sent to me and more money being asked for by them.

Tried to cancel an approved card within 24 hours and denied. After re reading the fine print about the charges both annually and monthly, not to mention the monstrous APR of 36%, we decided to cancel the card. When calling to cancel the recording said we had been approved but no decision yet on credit limit. We finally got a representative and were told we have to pay the fees or they will report a derogatory closed account on our credit with an unpaid balance. We have no cards with fees and no derogatory reports at present. I closed by telling the very argumentative representative that we will proceed the legal way then and there had better not be any derogatory reports. I suspect we will have nothing but trouble over this. Highly recommend all steer clear of this shady company. Your credit can be better handled elsewhere for sure.

Hi, just a warning. I pay my credit card bill always on time. I make multiple payments to keep the balance low any chance I get. I sometimes pay with different cards which is quite normal I suspect. Keep in mind my card limit is only $400 not $15,000 but $400. Well Aventium/First Premier decided to play God and suspend my card because of that. Well I’m just wondering why they didnt call police or treat as fraud? Anyways I sent them proof. Now what? Oh it was blurry; part of the proof. Well maybe they need their vision check. Stop trying to play God and ruin people’s life just because you can’t make money off a customer with finance charges is ridiculous!

About two months after I opened my account I received a different credit card in the mail. When I reached the help desk (they are NOT open weekends) I was told that someone had reported my original card lost. That was not me. There is a $81 charge on the account from an ATM in Chicago; I have not been in Chicago in over 30 years. They will not accept a dispute over the phone or online. They want me to complete the back of the statement (with very small type and mail it). They also want me to include documentation from the merchant showing that I attempted to resolve the issue. The customer support and service is nonexistent.

I paid my account in full on 4/9/18. 2 weeks later I logged into the account to make sure there weren’t any fees or charges. I wanted to make sure my account balance was 0. There was a $14.50 monthly charge and $25 credit increase charge. I called to dispute and was unsatisfied. I decided to close my account that day 4/23/18 after paying the $39.50 charges that remained on my account. They auto debited another $39.50 on 5/6/18 which now is a credit to my account. my closed account. I’m currently jumping through the hoops of dispute to get my $39.50 back. Very shady business. Beware!

Like many other reviewers and cardholders I’ve seen around the Internet, I got a credit card from First Premier because I was desperate and I wanted to rebuild my credit. Long story short, my first credit card from them had $300 limit. Right off the bat, they charged a ridiculous $75 annual fee, bringing my available credit down to $225. Whatever, I needed the card anyway. I used that card for a few months before getting another offer from them, this time offering me a $700 limit. I jumped on it as I thought it would be nice to have an “emergency” card. Again, another annual fee.

I used the cards and made the minimum monthly payments for a while. All was good, and while I wasn’t too happy with my interest rates, I was just happy to be able to starting building my credit back up. That was until one month when I logged onto the website to make my monthly payments as usual. I went in, selected the option for “minimum payment due” for both cards, selected the bank account I wanted to use and the day I wanted the payment to come out and submitted the payments.

Next thing I know, FP is blowing up my phone, telling me I missed my payment for my card with the $700 limit. Um, what? My records show that I paid it, the money has come out of my account so what’s the deal? Well, turns out according to FP, my minimum payment for that month was $20 more than what their website stated. But of course, they had no records or any documentation that says the minimum payment I saw on the website was any different than what their system says. So because their website said I owed them $50, I paid them $50, but they actually wanted $70, I was screwed. At the time, I couldn’t swing an extra $20 so I just had to let it go. They charged me a late fee, naturally.

The next month, since I still “owed” them $20, plus the late fee, plus my the payment for that month – was just too much for me to afford, and FP didn’t really care. It snowballed until they closed both of my credit accounts (yes, even the unrelated $300 CL one that didn’t have any issues). So now, even though I took out these cards with the intention of rebuilding my credit, FP is now hurting my credit even more, and I’m stuck paying two credit cards that I won’t even have access to the line of credit again once I pay them off.

Moral of the story: Stay as far away from this company as you can! They don’t care about you, or your credit. They are dishonest, and will nickel and dime you for anything and everything they can. Even if you’re desperate, go to a more reputable company like Capital One, Bank of America, Chase, Citi Bank, or even your local credit union. Even if they don’t approve you for an unsecured card, you’ll likely qualify for a secured card. Sure, you might have to make a deposit, but trust me, it’s much better for you and your credit in the long run.



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