Jul 31 2019

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patient-centred primary care to Wawa and area residents.

The Wawa Family Health Team is proud to serve the town of Wawa and its surrounding communities.

We are an interdisciplinary team of health care providers including Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, a Social Worker, Dietitian and a Pharmacist. All of our providers work side-by-side in a new shared office with our local Family Physicians to offer a true collaborative, team approach.

We provide a wide range of primary care services and also develop and implement evidence-based, collaborative chronic disease management programs, health promotion events and a thorough preventative care tracking system. Our team utilizes an EMR and is always striving to incorporate more IT into our practice. Our team is committed to quality improvement. We recently participated in a yearlong series of learning sessions to gain more knowledge specific to primary care and quality improvement. We are also an active member of the Ontario Telemedicine Network and have our own telemedicine unit on site.

Wawa careers

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WFHT Newsletter

The Wawa Family Health Team would like to inform you that the lastest edition of our newsletter has been posted on the website.

Please visit the Newsletter page to read the Current edition.

Office Hours

Office Hours are: 8:30-4:30pm, closed 12-1pm

*Please Note: all providers’ schedules will remain individualized.

Please call 856-1313 to book an appointment with your health care provider.

Health Cards

A reminder to everyone to make sure they have a valid and current Health Card.

If your card has expired, it is necessary that you get it reinstated as soon as possible.


Wawa Family Health Team Careers.

Review our current career opportunities (if available) and see if you are a match.

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